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Do you answer when Clients call?

There is no denying that working as a freelance writer is more or less a “solitary position.” In other words, you are not going to be around others for the better part of the day; unless you have family at home, of course. But even then, you will not be conversing with co-workers, bosses, etc. Through my freelance writing course I have heard from many writers who do not like to speak with clients on the phone. In fact, some members have gone so far as to say that they do not answer if a client calls. Instead, they let voicemail handle it and then email the client back. In my opinion, this is a huge mistake.

If a client is calling they are doing so for a reason. They want to speak with you in real time, and you need to be open to doing so. There is nothing wrong with missing a call for a legitimate reason. But if you are ignoring clients you are making a big mistake. Soon enough they may feel that you are trying to avoid them, or simply not interested in doing business with them. The end result is losing a client that you probably want to keep. Now do you see how detrimental it can be to avoid calls from clients?

There is a bigger issue at hand. Why don’t you want to answer the phone when clients call? Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing? Are you so shy that this is a major problem? Once you know why you are ignoring calls you can begin to work towards finding a solution. And a solution is something you need in order to fix this problem and better your career.

You need to answer the phone when your freelance writing clients call. This is a great chance to not only form a better relationship, but to also break up the monotony of the day. Get past what is holding you back so you feel comfortable answering the next time a client buzzes you!

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