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Do you Answer Blog Emails?

No matter what type of blog you are running, chances are that you have given readers the ability to get in touch with you. Some bloggers (like me) offer their email address, whereas others use a contact form that is forwarded to the address of their choice.

But the question is: do you answer the emails that you receive at your blog address? I have found through first hand experience that most bloggers are more than willing to answer emails. At the same time, some of the busier and better known bloggers either ignore emails altogether or send off short replies. While I know that these people have tons of email and busy lives, relationships are quite important; at least to me.

I strive to answer every email that I receive. In fact, if I receive a comment that touches me right, I will take the initiative and email that person. This lets them know that I care about what they have to say, and of course, shows that I am willing to lend my expertise when possible.

With all of that being said, I want to let my readers know that they are free to email me with questions, comments, or anything else on their mind. Meeting new people and helping others out is what this blog is all about.

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9 Comments »BloggingAugust 14th, 2007

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