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Do I need a Freelance Writing Blog?

As a freelance writer, there are many tools you can use to market your services. Obviously, anything you can do online is going to be beneficial. This leads many aspiring writers to asking this question: do I need to start a freelance writing blog? The answer is no! Every time I tell somebody this they look at me perplexed and wonder if I made a mistake.

If you are going to work as a freelance writer you definitely need a website with information on yourself including a bio, services, testimonials, and anything else that you find to be important. But this does not mean that you also have to blog about freelance writing. There is nothing wrong with having a static website that can help you attract and inform clients and prospects.

Just because you are not blogging about freelance writing does not mean that you have to stay away from this entirely. Many people are stunned when I tell them that ChrisBlogging is not my most popular blog. Sure, it brings in a lot of traffic and I like to think that it helps many people. But over the past few years I have started blogs on other topics, from pets to business, which have become more popular.

Of course, if you want to blog about freelance writing there is nothing wrong with this. Maybe this is your passion, and you enjoy writing about it on a regular basis – I know I do!

In closing, you do not need a freelance writing blog to succeed as a writer. While it can be used as a marketing tool, it is not essential to your overall success.

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