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Dealing with an “On the Fence” Buyer

There is nothing better than a client that finds you, loves what you offer, and hires you on the spot. Unfortunately, the process does not always unwind this way. Instead, you are going to encounter “on the fence” buyers time and time again. These are people who are potentially interested in doing business with you, but unsure of whether or not they should move forward.

Here are three tips I use to tip these buyers in my favor:

1. Pinpoint any issues. Let’s face it: there is a reason why the person does not want to pull the trigger and hire you. Are they worried about your experience? Do they have pricing concerns? Once you learn more about their reservations you can make an attempt to ease the tension and finalize the deal.

2. Offer to have a phone conversation. Time and time again this works for me. If you have yet to speak on the phone, a quick conversation can go a long way in forming a relationship and helping both parties better understand each other.

3. Don’t put too much pressure on the buyer by continually asking for an answer. There is nothing worse than a job dangling over your head, never knowing if you are actually going to get started. But if you become overbearing and ask for an answer, day after day, the deal will die sooner rather than later.

When a buyer is on the fence and you are looking for help to close the deal, follow these three tips.

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