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Confusion and Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Every freelance writer, no matter their experience, is always on the prowl for new jobs. There are thousands upon thousands of freelance writing jobs out there. The only problem is that many writers are confused about how to find them. Do you fit this mold?

Confusion and finding freelance writing jobs is very common. The good thing is that you can kick confusion to the curb soon enough. It just takes a little bit of knowledge and some time to settle in.

What is confusing you? This is the question you need to answer above all else. You may be confused about where to find freelance writing jobs; this is fair enough. In this case you should take the time to study your marketing plan in further depth. Your plan should not only tell you what types of freelance writing jobs to chase, but where to look for them.

Others find it simple to apply for freelance writing jobs that they find online. But what they don’t understand is how to drum up business when there is no advertised opening. This comes down to cold calling, cold emailing, and working your network. Let me be honest. This is something that you will probably struggle with early in your freelance writing career. I did, and most people I coach do as well. Fortunately, this does not mean that you will always be behind. Practice makes perfect, and soon enough you will see what goes into finding freelance writing jobs in this manner.

You never want to be overly confused as a freelance writer. Don’t make finding new jobs rocket science. Instead, follow your marketing plan and take the time to learn about the many ways to win jobs that are not advertised. The more involved you get with the freelance writing industry the less confused you will become. 

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