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Common Freelance Writing Mistakes: Are you Guilty?

Are you guilty of making mistakes within your freelance writing career? If you answered no you are lying! I make mistakes all the time, and I am pretty sure that most others do the same. There is nothing wrong with goofing up from time to time as long as you learn from it and then move on.

Unfortunately, some freelance writers are always facing the same big mistakes. Here are five that you do not want to run into on a regular basis:

1. Missing deadlines. When you miss a deadline you are going to send your client off the deep end. There is nothing worse than needing something on time, and having somebody, such as a freelance writer, hold you back. Before you miss a deadline think about how the client will feel. Also, keep in mind that making this a habit will kill your career soon enough. Nobody wants to work with freelance writers who are always missing deadlines.

2. Not marketing your services. Is this the biggest freelance writing mistake that you can make? Many people say yes, and I agree with them. If you are not marketing your services you are not taking the necessary steps towards advancing your career. You always need to be in search of new clients no matter if you are cold calling, sending queries, or using bidding sites.

3. Sending work that is full of spelling and grammar mistakes. For many, this is one of the most difficult mistakes to avoid. Even though I always double proof my work before sending it to the client, spelling and grammar errors slip through the cracks from time to time. Do your best to avoid these errors. At the very least, keep them to a minimum so your client/editor doesn’t have to do a lot of work.

4. Avoiding clients when they want an edit. Some freelance writers get paid and then forget about their client if they contact them for edits. This may seem like a good idea at the time, but be rest assured that it will not gain you any long term clients. You should never hide from clients, no matter what they want. 

5. Not being organized. Are you guys and gals tired of me saying this? Even though I harp on this point a lot, I truly believe that being organized will allow you to achieve more success in a shorter period of time. Keep your entire career organized from your desk to your invoices to your clients.

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