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Since talking about the benefits of starting a blog, I have received a few questions about how much success I have with Although this blog is far from being the biggest or most well known, it is something that I enjoy immensely. To go along with this, it has grown quite a bit as of late.

Last month, received approximately 5,000 unique visitors. Is this a lot? When compared to some blogs on freelance writing and making money online, the answer is no. By overall, it is not too shabby. Personally, I do not keep close tabs on my traffic. Instead, I judge the success of the blog by how many people I help. And judging by the emails I have been receiving as of late, this is quite a few.

If you follow the blogging industry, you are well aware that the number of RSS readers a blog has can be a big deal. I am a regular reader of many blogs that boast a readership of 20k or more. As you can see by taking a quick peak at the right sidebar, my RSS number hovers right around 220. While this is far from 20k, I have been making some progress in this area. If you have yet to sign up, you can do so traditionally or you can opt to receive updates via email; either way works.

Just like my freelance writing career, I set goals for the progress of By the end of the year, I would like to increase traffic to 7,500 uniques per month. To go along with this, I am hoping to crack 350 RSS readers. These may seem like modest goals, but for somebody who does not know much about SEO or technology, they are just fine for now!

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4 Comments »BloggingMay 6th, 2008

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