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Last week I made a post: Additional Income Streams for Freelance Writers. In it, I explained that I would shortly be starting a blog showing others how to earn money through the Google AdSense program. As promised, the blog has launched and I am hoping that a lot of you will head on over, give it a look, and subscribe to the RSS feed and/or for email updates.

The new blog is called As you can see, I kept with the “Chris” brand. Over there, all the posts will be based around my goal of earning more money with AdSense. I plan on posting almost everyday on the steps I am taking to build out more sites and increase my income. You will find everything from how I choose my topics to best keyword research practices to how much money I am earning.

Just like this blog, I hope to supply high quality information that can help many of you take your online income to the next level. Working for yourself as a freelance writer is a great joy – it has treated me well over the years. With additional income streams, such as Google AdSense, you may be closer than you realize to replacing your 9 – 5 job.

So, if you get a chance check out my new blog. I am confident that you will enjoy the content! 


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