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Change the way you Approach Freelance Writing Marketing

There is a good chance that you are not having a lot of success because your freelance writing marketing plan is out of order. This is something that many struggling writers never think about. Instead, they believe that there are not enough clients to go around. As a freelance writer you will face competition from others. It is how you deal with this that will determine the success you have in the near future.

If your marketing approach is not producing results you have to make the necessary changes. Those who do will find themselves in better position. Those who don’t may get left behind for the time being.

What are you doing right now in terms of marketing? This is the first question to answer. If you know what you are doing you can easily chart what is working and what is not. It should not be difficult to pinpoint where you are excelling and where you are struggling.

Now that you know where you stand, you can map out a better future. Do you need to put more time into cold calling? How about query letters? You should have a clear path once you begin to change your approach. If you don’t, you are still doing something wrong. The bottom line is simple: your marketing plan has to be one that you can rely on to move you from stage to stage. If something is missing or you are not confident in your plan, it is important to make changes and go through a trial and error process until you find the right ideas.

Is everything working for you right now? If so, don’t mess with your freelance writing marketing plan. Once you settle in and find results coming your way there is no reason to make a change. This post is more for freelance writers who are having a difficult time generating new business due to a problem with their marketing plan.

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