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Do you Write Paid Reviews?

As you probably know, paid reviews are all the rage within the blogosphere. For every blogger that is against writing these reviews, there are just as many who are attempting to cash in on them. How do you feel about paid reviews?

Personally, I have yet to give any of these programs a solid try. I signed up with PayPerPost a couple months back, but decided against moving forward because it would have forced me to take Google AdSense off this blog. With that being said, blogging is all about experimenting. So sometime in the future I may decide to compare my AdSense income against PayPerPost.

There are a lot of big time bloggers making big time money with ReviewMe. Of course, if you want to join them you are going to need a blog that draws a lot of traffic, and has good name recognition.

If I ever decide to offer paid reviews, I will more than likely do so on my own, without the help of a service such as ReviewMe. This will allow me to make the rules, while also keeping 100 percent of the revenue.

As long as paid reviews are disclosed to readers and honest in nature, I do not see anything wrong with them. They can be a lot of fun to write, and for many, a great way to generate some additional income via their blog.

9 Comments »PayPerPost, ReviewMeOctober 14th, 2007

ReviewMe and Associated Content

As you probably know by now, I am intrigued by the way that Associated Content does business. When you think about it, AC is nothing more than one giant blog that allows anybody who is a member to contribute content. For this reason, I began to think about the possibilities of ReviewMe and AC working together. More specifically, would ReviewMe allow me to use my AC page for paid reviews?

Personally, I am still not sure if ReviewMe fits this blog. For now, I would rather leave this monetization method out of the equation. I definitely want to try it out in the future, but until then, is going to be ReviewMe free.

In the meantime, I am going to check with both ReviewMe and AC to see what they think about my idea. I am sure somebody else has already asked about this, and maybe it is okay, but I want to find out for myself.

As soon as they get back to me with an answer, I will get back to you!

1 Comment »Associated Content, Blogging, ReviewMeJune 13th, 2007

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