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How my Dog has increased my Productivity

There are many ways that you can increase your productivity, but I bet you never thought buying a dog was one of them. To tell you the truth, when I recently brought my new puppy home I had no clue how it would affect my work life. In fact, I thought it might take away from it a bit because training and housebreaking a puppy can be hard work. But luckily, this has not been the case. Instead, Sammy has helped me to become more productive, which is something that I am always interested in.

So you want to know the details before you head out and buy a dog, right? Well, here is what I have learned over the first week of caring for my new puppy.

First and foremost, he likes to stay up late. And even when he does go to bed, he likes to get up every few hours to stretch and head outside to go to the bathroom. Instead of sitting around and watching him sleep, I have taken to working while he lies at my feet. This is a great way for me to keep an eye on him (don’t want any accidents on the floor) while also increasing my productivity. All in all, this has resulted to an extra three to four hours of work per day; many of these in the middle of the night.

Sammy has also given me quite a few ideas that I have been thinking on for a few days now. For instance, I have never written many pet articles in the past. But now that I have a bit more experience, this is something that I am definitely considering.

Additionally, I am thinking about starting a blog about Sammy as well as his breed. This would be a great way to dive into a new topic, but of course, I need to assess my situation first.

Are you going to buy a dog in order to increase your productivity? Probably not! While I could have done all of this without buying a dog, this is what it took to open my eyes. And I am thankful for it! I am a firm believer that increased productivity will eventually lead to increased profits.

4 Comments »ProductivityAugust 21st, 2007

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