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Do you Write Paid Reviews?

As you probably know, paid reviews are all the rage within the blogosphere. For every blogger that is against writing these reviews, there are just as many who are attempting to cash in on them. How do you feel about paid reviews?

Personally, I have yet to give any of these programs a solid try. I signed up with PayPerPost a couple months back, but decided against moving forward because it would have forced me to take Google AdSense off this blog. With that being said, blogging is all about experimenting. So sometime in the future I may decide to compare my AdSense income against PayPerPost.

There are a lot of big time bloggers making big time money with ReviewMe. Of course, if you want to join them you are going to need a blog that draws a lot of traffic, and has good name recognition.

If I ever decide to offer paid reviews, I will more than likely do so on my own, without the help of a service such as ReviewMe. This will allow me to make the rules, while also keeping 100 percent of the revenue.

As long as paid reviews are disclosed to readers and honest in nature, I do not see anything wrong with them. They can be a lot of fun to write, and for many, a great way to generate some additional income via their blog.

9 Comments »PayPerPost, ReviewMeOctober 14th, 2007

PayPerPost Acceptance

After being rejected by PayPerPost a couple months back, I have finally been accepted. The problem before was that ChrisBlogging was not yet old enough to qualify under PayPerPost standards.

So what now? I am contemplating on how much I want to use PayPerPost related posts on this blog. There are two sides of this story from where I am sitting.

On the positive side, PayPerPost gives the opportunity to make some extra money. In fact, my PayPerPost dashboard shows the top earners so far for September. The top earner has made $990.17 through the first 14 days of September. The tenth highest earner has pulled in $530.50. Of course, these are the top bloggers who put a lot of time into the PayPerPost opportunities. But with that being said, it does show what type of potential exists.

The downside of making sponsored posts is that they will take up space on my blog. And the question is: will this bother readers? Since I plan on at least giving PayPerPost a try, I have come up with an idea on how to combat this. As you probably know, I post at least once a day. And this one non-sponsored post is not going to be effected by my PayPerPost opportunities. In other words, I will always write at least one post per day that has nothing to do with what PayPerPost is offering.

It will be interesting to see what PayPerPost does to my traffic stats as well as how much money I can earn. For me, a few hundred dollars a month without losing traffic would be worth my time. I’ll keep you guys and gals posted!

5 Comments »PayPerPostSeptember 14th, 2007

PayPerPost Rejection

As I mentioned a couple days back, I applied to be part of the PayPerPost community. I figured that this was a great way to get started with a bit of monetization, not to mention the fact that I also wanted to see what the service is all about. Before you move on here, you may want to check that post out at

Well, despite being confident that my blog would be accepted, I received an email rejection this morning. I was a bit surprised that it took so long to hear back, but I guess with the holiday it was not so bad.

Fortunately, my blog did not get rejected because of the content or anything along those lines. Instead, it appears that they turned me down because I do not have an “archives” link. This just goes to show you that reading the rules is a very important step before doing anything online. Although I thought that I knew what I was doing, I somehow missed out on this detail.

Here is the email that I received from PayPerPost:

I was unable to find a link to your archives. Please make sure that it is in plain site and that your archives list chronologically, not categorically. Also, the archives cannot be just ‘previous pages.’ For example, it should be set up to where I could find a post on Sept. 30th very quickly. Please re-submit when this requirement has been met. In the meantime, feel free to use PPP Direct and Affiliate tools while you work on meeting the requirements of our Marketplace!

My guess is that they require an archives page so that they can easily find PayPerPost content among the rest of the posts; which makes sense to me.

As you can imagine, this is not going to set me back too much. I will add the archives widget to my sidebar, and then resubmit my blog today. Initially, I was not sure if simply adding the archives widget would be acceptable, but after seeing several other PayPerPost blogs, this seems to be just fine.

Hopefully I will be approved by sometime early next week. I will let you know when I hear something! 

3 Comments »PayPerPostJuly 6th, 2007

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