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The Power of the Interview

Have you ever been asked to do an interview with a website, print publication, or any other type of media? If not, you should be prepared if and when the day finally comes. After all, turning down a request for an interview is never in your best interest; unless you have tons and tons of offers, of course.

Over the past five years or so I have probably been interviewed 100 times or so. As of late, this number seems to be adding up quickly thanks to my success as a freelance writer and author.

So what can an interview do for your career, you may ask? While this will differ based on your situation and who interviews you, there are some things that seem to be consistent with me.

First off, it always seems that one interview leads to another; this is especially true if you do a good job the first time around. Once people in your industry begin to become aware of who you are, you will quickly become a hot commodity. Sometimes you will get a few interview requests per week, and other times you will go through a cold period.

Of course, interviews can help to increase your success and hopefully your profits. After you complete a good interview, you are sure to get inquiries about your career, etc. And in many cases, you will benefit without having to do a thing. For example, my most recent interview by Create Business Growth has sent a bit of traffic to this blog. Of course, this is only going to pick up in the days to come. My hopes are that this leads to more RSS subscribers, regular readers, and maybe even some new work.

Anytime that somebody requests an interview, you should not have to think twice. Unless you have a very good reason for it, take the time to answer a few questions. This will benefit you in more ways than you ever imagined. You never know who may be reading about you! 

Related Link: Create Business Growth offers information on how to improve your online presence.

3 Comments »Internet Entrepreneurs, InterviewAugust 31st, 2007

Rich Twin Poor Twin Interview

In several past posts I have talked a bit about Henry and Wilson; the two twins behind More specifically I have been obsessed with the fact that Google AdSense shut their account down, which in turn cost them more than $200,000. Not to mention all of the future money that they were sure to earn.

After first reading their story I vowed to attempt to get in touch with these guys. After all, they have to have a lot of good insight, right? Well, after a few weeks of contemplation, I finally sent them a quick email. And sure enough, Henry was nice enough to answer my questions. So without further delay, here is the email interview.

Did you ever get the feeling that you should diversify, and move away from Google AdSense a bit?

At some points we did feel we should diversify and we tried a few other networks. However, we were just too comfortable with AdSense and every time we tried something new we compared it to AdSense which was by far much easier to navigate, use, and make money.

Do you feel that there was something you could have done differently to save your account?

I think I would have taken a more active approach in keeping in contact and dealing with Google’s AdSense team.

Do you think that you guys will be able to reach your previous income level without using AdSense?

I know it is possible to reach my previous level of income without AdSense. It is just a matter of focusing, staying motivated, and acting.

As you can see, Henry is a go-getter, and is sure to get things back on track in the near future. From this interview alone it is easy to see why he (and his brother) has had so much success. Not only is he knowledgeable, but confident that life after AdSense does exist!   

4 Comments »Google AdSense, InterviewAugust 6th, 2007

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