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High Paying Keywords for Web Entrepreneurs

If you are interested in breaking into other ways of making money online (outside of freelance writing) you should consider learning about the keywords that pay the most. In turn, this will allow you to create niche blogs or sites around these topics. Although this information can be hard to come by if you are searching on your own, there are tools that you can use to your advantage.

Most recently, I checked out the list of “999 High Paying Keywords” at Although you have to subscribe to the blog’s feed in order to receive this list, most agree that it is well worth the time. To go along with this, you will also receive other freebies such as a case study on how to earn big time money with Google AdSense.

Out of the 999 keywords on the list, chances are that you can find a few that pertain to a blog or site that you already manage. While you may not be able to incorporate all of the highest paying keywords into your blog’s content, finding a few is more than possible.

All in all, anytime that you can get information like this for free, you might as well move forward. I have yet to use most of the keyword lists that I have compiled over the past few months, but you never know when they will come in handy. 

Comments OffInternet EntrepreneursMay 27th, 2008

How many Blogs/Websites is too many?

From what I have read, as well as my own findings, there are two ways to look at the number of blogs or websites that you own. First off, you can attempt to start one or two “major players” and put all of your time and effort into them. Your other option is to start several websites, and build out from there.

Obviously, there are pros and cons to each way of doing things. Let’s take a look at owning one or two main sites. The nice thing about this is that you will not have to spend time updating an abundant amount of sites. To go along with this, you can concentrate all of your free time on one site. In turn, this focus should help success to come sooner rather than later. The downside of this, if you are interested in making money, is that you will have to turn one big site into your revenue generator. Many feel that starting one main revenue generating stream is more difficult than several smaller ones.

On the other side of things, managing a group of blogs or websites has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The main benefit is that you can earn less with each one, and when added together it can make for a solid income. On the other side of things, do you really have enough time to update a network of sites? For instance, could you effectively manage 10 blogs? Some people say yes, and if this is their full-time job they may be right. But jumping from one site to the next, and keeping track of all the details, can make for a difficult time.

Personally, I am divided on this subject. At this time, I have less than 10 sites, but am quickly closing in on double digits as more and more of my projects get finished. This is not a huge problem because I feel that I have enough time to manage them. But at the same time, I suppose that drawing the line is in the near future.

With all of that in mind, how many blogs or websites do you manage?

6 Comments »Internet EntrepreneursOctober 24th, 2007

PageRank Prediction

Although I do not spend much time considering the PageRank of this blog, it has come to my attention that Google is in the middle of an update. Since this blog is new, it is still at PageRank 0 at this time. Is this going to change sometime in the near future?

By scouring the blogosphere for a few hours this morning, I came across several posts by bloggers who are using the iWebTool Google PageRank Prediction tool. From what I read, this tool is pretty accurate; being correct 9 out of 10 times for the most part.

Since it only takes a few seconds to use this tool, I gave it a whirl. It is showing ChrisBlogging as having a Current PageRank of 0. The predicted PageRank, whenever this happens to occur, is 4; which is quite good for a new blog. The accuracy is shown at 87.9%, and the backlinks number is showing 3,342.

If this tool ends up being accurate, I will be ecstatic. When it comes down to it, a PageRank of 4 is sure to increase search engine traffic, while also giving me more clout when moving forward with future advertising options.

Of course, despite what some webmasters say, tools such as this one have no way of being 100 percent accurate. After all, Google is not going to make it easy for anybody and everybody to accurately predict this type of information.

There is no way of knowing when Google will update the PageRank of this blog. All I do know is that the updates are taking place at this time. Even though I am not too concerned with PageRank, it would be nice to see an increase in time.

8 Comments »Blogging, Internet EntrepreneursOctober 16th, 2007

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