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Last week I made a post: Additional Income Streams for Freelance Writers. In it, I explained that I would shortly be starting a blog showing others how to earn money through the Google AdSense program. As promised, the blog has launched and I am hoping that a lot of you will head on over, give it a look, and subscribe to the RSS feed and/or for email updates.

The new blog is called As you can see, I kept with the “Chris” brand. Over there, all the posts will be based around my goal of earning more money with AdSense. I plan on posting almost everyday on the steps I am taking to build out more sites and increase my income. You will find everything from how I choose my topics to best keyword research practices to how much money I am earning.

Just like this blog, I hope to supply high quality information that can help many of you take your online income to the next level. Working for yourself as a freelance writer is a great joy – it has treated me well over the years. With additional income streams, such as Google AdSense, you may be closer than you realize to replacing your 9 – 5 job.

So, if you get a chance check out my new blog. I am confident that you will enjoy the content! 


1 Comment »Google AdSenseOctober 26th, 2009

Google AdSense Performance

A few months ago I added Google AdSense to ChrisBlogging. The main reason for doing this was to see how it would perform. I have used AdSense in the past on other blogs and websites, and my success rate varied from average to extraordinary.

So what is the verdict? Simply put, AdSense is not performing that great on this blog. There are a couple of reasons for this.

1. I do not have enough visitors to generate a large number of clicks.

2. Since most people who visit this blog are web savvy, they are not prone to clicking on the AdSense ads. I have found that AdSense is best for sites that are not related to making money online, etc. In other words, sites or blogs where the majority of readers are not aware of what AdSense is all about. They simply see an ad that they are interested in, and click.

Am I going to keep AdSense active for much longer? While I have yet to decide for sure, chances are that when my new design goes live, that AdSense will get kicked to the curb. There are many other monetization methods that are much more profitable for a blog of this kind.

There is nothing wrong with using AdSense on all your sites and blogs if you are interested in quickly setting up a mode of monetization. But remember, some niches are more profitable than others when it comes to making money with Google AdSense. 

8 Comments »Blogging, Google AdSenseNovember 4th, 2007

Google AdSense Stats

Even though I have only been running Google AdSense on this blog for a week or so, I wanted to give everybody an update on how the advertising program is performing. Generally speaking, the results are pretty much just what I had expected based on my placement and traffic. Since I have used AdSense in the past I kind of had an idea of what the situation of this blog would bring.

As you probably know, AdSense is not a steady program. In other words, you could get 20 clicks one day and just a handful the next. To add to this, 20 clicks on day one could earn you $4 and the next only $2. It all depends on what ads are being served, and of course, what ads are being clicked on.

So what am I earning each day from AdSense you may ask? Again, this is only an approximation, but my earnings are usually in the $2 to $4 range. No, this is not a lot of money, but it does add up by the end of the month.

I am hoping to do two things to improve my AdSense earnings. 1. Increasing traffic should at the very least give me a chance to increase my income. 2. Tweaking my ads, such as color and placement, will also put me in a better position to succeed.

It is easy to get frustrated with AdSense because unless you have loads of traffic you are not going to make a full-time income. But with that being said, it is a nice program that will help you to earn more and more as your traffic increases.

6 Comments »Google AdSenseSeptember 13th, 2007

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