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Are you still using Associated Content?

Over the past couple of days, I have been asked by a few readers if I am still using Associated Content. The answer to this question at this time is simple: no. Simply put, I have not had the time to write for them over the past couple of months. Even though I believe that this is a great way to supplement my freelance writing income, I have too many other projects lined up at this time.

The bad thing about Associated Content is that you have to write blocks of articles for it to be worth your time. And of course, writing a block of articles can take an hour or so. With my current workload, taking an hour out of my day to write these articles is not worth my time. Could I make time for this? More than likely. But as of lately, I have wanted to spend more of my day on developing projects outside of my freelance writing career.

For those of you who have not read my Associated Content posts in the past, check them out for detailed statistics. You may be surprised to find out just how much you can make with this service.

To answer the question of how much you can earn with Associated Content, you will have to try out the service for yourself. With that being said, through some estimates and simple stats, I can show you how much I would make if I were to devote more time to the service.

Through past experience, I get offered just around $5/article; sometimes more, sometimes less, but this is average for the most part. Additionally, writing five articles per day would not take me more than an hour most of the time. As you can see, this would work out to $25/day from Associated Content. Over the course of a week this equals $125, or approximately $500/month.

Sometime in the near future when things settle down, I hope to get started with Associated Content once again. It would be really nice to add an extra $500 to my monthly total.

6 Comments »Associated ContentNovember 15th, 2007

Tips for effectively using Associated Content

By this time of the month I have usually updated my readers on how my Associated Content earnings are going. But as of late I have not had anytime to devote to this type of writing. Even though I strongly believe in Associated Content’s income earning power, there are months when I have too much work to write for them.

If you are new to freelance writing, or simply want to make some extra money this month, definitely give Associated Content a look. Here are three tips which will help you to effectively use Associated Content to your advantage.

1. Write articles that people want to read, but also ones that are not overdone. In other words, you need to provide unique and interesting content on topics that have not been submitted time and time again. If you are writing on an overdone topic, your best bet is to put your own unique spin on the article. This is the best way to ensure acceptance as well as the highest offer.

2. If you have the time, write articles for Associated Content in blocks of five. This is the method I use, and it seems to help with time management. Additionally, writing articles in blocks of five will also help to increase the amount of money that you earn. Once you get in a writing groove, you can crank out five articles for Associated Content in an hour or so.

3. Set goals for yourself. If you want to make $500 per month with Associated Content, find out how many articles that works out to. From there, divide that number by the days you work and you will know how many articles to produce on a daily basis. As you become more comfortable with Associated Content make sure that you tweak your goals. After all, you might as well set the bar high.

Overall, these three tips should help you to effectively submit articles to Associated Content. 

3 Comments »Associated ContentSeptember 19th, 2007

Associated Content: My Own Slowdown

Once again, it is time to check out my Associated Content stats for the past month. Last period I only managed to earn a total of $93.61. And while I thought that was bad at the time, this past month has been even worse.

Luckily, the reason for the bad stats this time around has nothing to do with AC. Instead, it is in direct relation to the lack of time that I have put into submitting. Not only have other freelance writing projects taken up tons of time, but growing this blog is obviously a lot of work as well.

Since I have not submitted any new work lately, I figured I would post my numbers a day or so early. Here are my AC statistics from July 15 to August 13

Articles submitted: 4
Article accepted for payment: 4
Waiting for acceptance: 0
Total acceptance rate: 100%
Total payment received: $19.35
Highest offer: $5.90
Lowest offer: $3.25
Average offer: $4.83
Performance Bonus: $23.15 (3 months)

The best lesson you can learn from these numbers is that AC is a nice side income, but as far as doing it full-time, you need to have complete devotion. I love submitting to AC to make a few hundred extra bucks each month, but my current workload has not allowed for it.

Use AC however you see fit. If you do not have any time (like me this month) it is alright to slow down. But of course, if you are lacking work, you should ramp up your submissions!

3 Comments »Associated ContentAugust 13th, 2007

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