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Can I Get Paid to Write?

Many people have a difficult time believing that they can get paid to write. Of course, getting paid to write means something different to everybody. When I started as a freelance writer my goal was to earn a couple thousand dollars per month. Over time this changed quite a bit, and now my freelance writing income is considerably higher.

If you want to get paid to write, there is one thing that you must first do: realize that this is a possibility. When you compare a freelance writing career to a more traditional office job it is obvious that there are quite a few differences. If you are not careful about your way of thinking and are easily swayed by others, you may never chase the dream of becoming a freelance writer. Simply put, there are a lot of roadblocks standing in the way between wanting to make money writing and actually doing so.

While you will be asking yourself “can I get paid to write” others will be saying “can you really get paid to do nothing more than write?” As you can see, you not only have to answer to yourself but there will also be others who want to talk about your career move as well. My advice in this area is simple: explain your situation, as well as the freelance writing industry, to anybody who asks or questions your decision. Many people think that becoming a freelance writer is a bad idea because they do not really understand what it entails. Believe it or not, many think that freelance writing is nothing more than writing books and feature articles for magazines. This is definitely a part of the career, but far from being the end all. If you explain what freelance writing is all about, including the opportunities available from a project and pay point of view, it is safe to say that you will open some eyes.

There is no denying that you can get paid to write. Even if you are struggling with this question internally and others are questioning your decision, you should always remember that this goal is attainable. It may take you one month to reach your first income goal, or maybe it will take one year. But one thing is for sure: if you stick with your freelance writing career and do not let yourself or anybody else talk you out of this choice, success will come your way soon enough. 

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