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Blog Pages

When putting together a WordPress blog, deciding on what pages to include is essential. Even though you can add or delete these at a later date, it is always nice to get everything in place as early as possible. With that being said, how do you decide what blog pages to include?

On this blog, I have decided to keep things simple by adding only an “about me” and “contact” page. These are by far the most common pages, and in my opinion, two that every blog needs to have. The question is: what others are worth adding?

For blogs that sell direct advertising, a page based around this is always a good idea. John Chow recently wrote a great post on this. Being that he makes several thousand dollars each month by selling ads, it only makes sense that he includes this. But for smaller blogs without monetization, like mine, an advertising page would be all for not.

The nice thing about adding pages to a WordPress blog is the ease with which this can be done. Generally speaking, you can add a page in a matter of minutes, and to make things even better, it can be about whatever you want. If I wanted, I could have 10 pages ranging from my writing services to top posts and much more.

I feel that it is essential to find a happy medium between too few pages and too many pages. With too few pages your blog may appear bare to readers, and of course, this could leave them wanting more. But on the other side of things, too many pages can confuse visitors while also making it difficult for them to concentrate on the actual content.

As this blog continues to grow, it is safe to say that a few more pages will show up.

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