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Best/Worst Month for Freelance Writing Income

As of late, I have been thinking a lot about which months are best to me as far as freelance writing income is concerned. Obviously, some industries have particular times of the year where they do more business. But is this the case with freelance writing?

After a lot of thinking and plenty of number crunching, I cannot find a solid answer to this question based on my past income. For instance, last January I eclipsed $8k for one of my biggest months ever. But through three weeks of January 2008, I am nowhere close to that mark. Is this because January is a slower month, but last year I got lucky? Does the economy and fear of a recession have anything to do with this?

On the same token, you would expect December to be a traditionally bad month due in large part to Christmas, etc. But once again, comparing my last two years of income did not get me very far. In December of 2007, I earned $6,304.50. But in 2006, I only broke $4,500.

By looking at my freelance writing income stats, there is no trend pointing towards the best and worst months. Of course, this does not mean anything; it could just be me.

What do you think? Are there some months that are consistently better in terms of income? If you take a look at your past stats, you should be able to see if there are any trends. For now, I’ll go along thinking that freelance writing is a great money maker during all 12 months! Care to change my mind?

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