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Before you take a Job, Check out the Details

One of the main goals of this blog is to help aspiring freelance writers learn from my mistakes. Well, listen up! I recently made a huge error when accepting a job from a client that I have been working with for several months.

Most of the jobs that the company offers me are within my realm of knowledge. The topics that they ask me to write about are usually main stream, while not touching too much on the complex. But this time around things were a bit different.

So where does my mistake come into play? Instead of considering all of the details of the job, I simply said “yes” after reading their initial email. As I mentioned, this is usually not a problem. Sure, I took a quick glance at their requirements, but I was far from diligent when reading them over.

The result: a project that was technical in nature, and full of keywords that I was not familiar with. Of course, I got the job done on time and with high quality, but it was far from ideal from where I was sitting. Even though I have a long term relationship with the client, I probably would have turned this job down; even though they were offering a high per article rate.

The moral of this scenario is that you should always check every last detail of a freelance writing project before taking on the job. This way you will not find yourself in a situation where you are working way too long to complete a small job.

After finishing this job today it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. It is safe to say that I will never make this mistake again. 

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2 Comments »Freelance WritingOctober 6th, 2007

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