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Before you accept a Freelance Writing Job

What steps do you take before accepting a freelance writing job? If you don’t know, the tips below should help you formulate a plan for the next time:

1. Negotiate the best deal. Okay, this may sound a bit like buying a car but it is true. Before you accept a job you need to negotiate the best possible deal in terms of details and pay. If you don’t do this you are making a big mistake. No, this does not mean you should gouge clients but you definitely need to have a firm grasp on what you are asking for as well as what you want to receive.

2. Agree on payment terms. This includes how much you will receive, when the client is going to pay, and how they are going to send the money. For instance, you may agree to write a sales letter for $500 upfront via PayPal. Once you agree on the payment terms most of the other details will begin to fall into place.

3. Agree on the details of the project. While payment is important, you also want to agree on the project details. Staying with the above example, a sales letter can be written in many different ways. How long does the client want it to be? What format are you going to use? What angle does the client want you to take? Make sure you and the client are on the same page as far as the project details are concerned.

4. Know who you are going to communicate with, and how to best get in touch with them. Many freelance writers forget this step, but it is very important. Sometimes you will be contacted by one person, but find out soon enough that you are dealing with somebody else when it comes to completing the project. You want to have the names and contact information for everybody you will be communicating with.

Before you accept your next freelance writing job make sure you consider the above points. 

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