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Become a Part-time Freelance Writer

Are you surprised by the title of this post? Day in and day out I talk about how to become a full-time freelance writer. But when it comes down to it, this is not an attainable goal for many people. Some like their job and don’t want to leave to work as a full-time freelancer, and others simply don’t have the nerve to do so. There is nothing wrong with becoming a part-time freelance writer, and by following the tips below you will be well on your way.

1. To become a part-time freelance writer, set aside some time to work either before or after your regular job. If you are really interested in excelling, you may want to find time in the morning and before retiring for the night. Also, many aspiring part-timers have found that they can do some freelance writing work while at their day job. While there is nothing wrong with this, make sure that you are not violating any rules set forth by your employer.

2. You never want to wear yourself out. If you do, you will find out soon enough that your dream of becoming a part-time freelance writer has died. It can be quite difficult to work eight hours outside the home, and then sit in front of the computer at home for several more. You want to make sure that you get your work done and that you are growing, but at the same time, you can afford to start slow and feel your way through the process.

3. If being a part-time freelance writer ends up being more fun and profitable than you had thought, you may want to consider moving into a full-time gig soon enough. But once again, this is not right for everybody. You need to make the decision based on your full-time job, home life, and available time.

There is no rule that says all freelance writers have to work at this job full-time. If you aren’t up for leaving your day job, find a few hours here and there to write.

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