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Become a Freelance Writer: It is easy, Right?

Is it possible to become a freelance writer overnight? Let me dive into this question a bit further. As of late I have been reading more and more about how easy it is to become a freelance writer. And while there are always low paying content jobs out there, you need to determine what it means to become a freelance writer. Some people think that if they get paid to write that they are in turn a freelance writer. Others feel that there is a certain level that they have to reach before they can join the industry. How do you feel about this?

I am not one to say that you are only a freelance writer when you make so much money or get published in a certain type of publication. But with that in mind, it is difficult to read that some people think becoming a freelance writer overnight is possible. As noted earlier, you can secure a job to write some online content no matter who you are. All you have to do is head for a message board, such as Digital Point, and search for buyers. You are sure to find somebody who will pay, especially if you are offering a low rate.

In my opinion, you cannot become a freelance writer overnight. Yes, you can start a career as a freelance writer in one day, but you must build your career day in and day out if you are going to turn this into a long term gig. There is a big difference between writing articles for the web from time to time and earning a steady, full-time income as a freelance writer. There is nothing wrong with picking up some extra money by taking on small content writing jobs, but this is not the best way to move your career to the next level.

This post is a bit of a rant. I have heard many times how easy it is to become a freelance writer, and that anybody can do it. It is true that the opportunity exists, but if you ask any quality freelance writer they are sure to tell you that there is a lot that goes into starting and sustaining a successful career. 

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