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Be Prepared for your Next Client Phone Call

As of late, I have been taking more and more calls from clients. This is something I enjoy for many reasons. First off, it allows both parties to communicate more efficiently. Secondly, it is always more exciting to speak with somebody on the phone. As you know, life as a freelance writer can get boring due to a lack of face to face interaction. Phone calls with clients help to keep me better connected to the outside world.

Here are three ways to get prepared for your next client phone call:

1. Have easy access to the internet if at all possible. I have found that during most calls I need to quickly browse the internet for one reason or the next. The client may ask for me to visit their site, or maybe I need to quickly pull up an email. Make sure you have easy access to the internet if you are going to be on the phone with a client.

2. Know what you want to ask. Do you need to ask any questions during your phone conversation? It is very important to write down what you want to ask before you ever pick up the phone. As each question is addressed you can cross it off your list.

3. Have an idea of what the client may ask of you. In most cases, I have a good idea of what the client wants to talk about when they call. The same holds true if I am the one who initiates the contact. When you know what the client may ask, your answers will be much better.
If you are not usually prepared for phone conversations with clients you should follow the tips above. Soon enough these tips will turn into a part of your regular routine. 

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