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Be a Respectful, Clean Freelance Writer

If you guys and gals are like me, you probably spend some time perusing forums on freelance writing and other general business topics. Every so often, I come across something that catches my eye.

This quote comes from a member at SitePoint who is trying to sell his website:

“It is really pissing me off dont bid unless you are serious ask questions before you bid.”

Obviously, there are a couple of things wrong with this comment. First off, there are several spelling and grammar mistakes. This alone is enough to put me off if I were thinking about doing business with this person.

Additionally, and more noticeable in my book, the language and tone are unacceptable for a business transaction. Simply put, you cannot expect to be seen as a professional if you are going to say things like “it is really pissing me off…”

As a freelance writer, you need to have respect for yourself as well as the people around you including clients, potential buyers, and colleagues. Writing in a negative tone, laced with profanity, is going to get you nowhere fast.

There is no place in the freelance writing world for disrespect and coarse language. Although the example above may be a bit extreme, I have received many emails from so-called freelance writers that were just as bad, if not worse. If you take things too far, you are going to come across as disrespectful, and that alone will scare many people away from doing business with you.  

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