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Avoid long breaks during your workday

Before I go any further, I want to say one thing: as a freelance writer you need to take breaks. This helps to keep both your mind and body fresh. That being said, you want to avoid long breaks during your workday. This way you do not lose track of what you are doing and find yourself having to “start back up” time after time.

How long is too long? Only you can answer this question. I like to take a small 15 minute break in the morning for breakfast, a bit longer for lunch, and maybe a couple minutes in the afternoon. Of course, there are days when I have to leave the office for a client meeting, to cash a check, etc. When this happens, it goes without saying that I am away from my desk for a longer period of time.

The problem with long breaks is that they get you out of the groove. Just as you are settling in and getting a lot of work done you are pulled away. When you finally return to your work you find that you are off track and struggling to pick up where you left off.

No matter how long of a break I am expecting to take, I never leave in the middle of a project. Instead, I like to finish the task at hand before leaving my desk. This makes things easier upon my return.

For me, long breaks are a detriment. This may be different for you. If you are struggling with how long your breaks should last, experiment a little bit here and there. Soon enough you will find the schedule that works best for you. 

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