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Associated Content Update

A few days ago I wrote a review on Associated Content. At that time I gave information on how many articles they have accepted, the average pay out, etc. I also mentioned that I would be starting to write some articles for them again if I could find the time.

Well, I submitted five articles, and the results are in. They are as follows.

Sticky Notes: Three Ways to Use them in the Office

This may sound like a silly topic, but as I was thinking of ideas I was writing a note to myself. So I said, “What the heck?” It took me about 10 minutes to write this article, and within one day AC had offered me $5.54. This is not my highest offer ever, but not bad for a few minutes worth of work.

What to Consider when Buying Custom Sticky Notes

I have to admit that I use my fair of sticky notes on a regular basis. So I figured since I already wrote one basic article on this topic, I might as well dive in with some more detail. Again, AC offered me $5.54. I have no clue why they offered a number that is not rounded off, but who cares? My guess is that the same editor reviewed both pieces.

Going to a Game at PNC Park

Since I live in Pittsburgh, I figured an article about PNC Park would be a great topic. I’ve seen a couple of Pirates games this year, so my knowledge of the park was fresh when writing the article. Ten minutes to write, and $6.02 was headed to my PayPal account.

Order Sporting Event Tickets Online

I love sports, and have found that ordering event tickets online is a great idea. I actually did this for the first game that I attended this year at PNC Park, so again, I decided to take one topic and break it into two. This article only fetched me $4. My guess is that other content producers have covered this in depth. But hey, it is better than nothing.

Working from Home: How not to concentrate

Working from home is great; the distractions are not. That is why I put this article together. Even though this is a saturated topic, a lot of people are interested in working from home. That is probably why I received an offer of $7.50, which was the highest offer of the bunch.

Although I did not keep track of every last minute, I estimate that it took me approximately 40 to 45 minutes to write and submit these five articles. My income for that time: $28.60 or $5.72 per article.

These numbers were quite encouraging; especially because a lot of people have been complaining about AC as of late. If I had the time to churn out five articles per hour, that would work out to approximately $229/day based on eight hours. Some articles would surely get rejected, but it is nice to think that a few bucks can be made here and there.

For me, the key to writing articles for AC that get accepted is two fold. First off, I like to write in groups of five. This keeps me on track, and allows me to get the articles done in a timely manner. Secondly, try to break topics into smaller articles. This way, you only have to research once; if even that. For instance, since I bought tickets to a PNC Park event, I wrote one article about the park and the other about buying the tickets. Easy enough, right?

I have 10 more articles submitted at this time. My plan is to write five a day for them so that my long term study has solid backing. Within a month or so I will have a much better idea if making a full-time income from AC is possible as well as how well their payment and acceptance system works.  

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