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Associated Content Slowdown

Over the past couple of months I have put a lot of time into submitting content to Associated Content. And for all the hard work, I have been rewarded with a high acceptance rate, decent pay per article, and much more. Check out my post at for a good idea of my past results. Although this post covers the time from May 15 to June 15, it still shows just how much Associated Content has to offer.

I have slowed down my submissions over the past month due in large part to the amount of other work that I have had. And coincidentally enough, it seems that Associated Content has slowed their roll quite a bit as well. What do I mean by this? Simply put, they are not approving articles as fast as they were a month or so ago.

For instance, some of my articles in late June took 10 days to garner a response. This is compared to no more than five days in early June. While this may not be anything much, it makes me wonder what the problem is. Does Associated Content need to hire more editors? Or are they simply receiving more content now than they have in the past?

Personally, it does not bother me if they take a bit longer to respond. After all, I do not rely on Associated Content to pay my bills; I simply use it to add a few hundred bucks to my monthly total. But for those people who only write for Associated Content, this could be a huge problem.

Right now, I have quite a few articles waiting for a response that I submitted four to five days ago. It will be interesting to see if a response comes soon, or if 10 days or more go by this time.

Let me know if anybody else is having this problem, or if it is just me!

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4 Comments »Associated ContentJuly 7th, 2007

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