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Are you sure you want to become a Freelance Writer?

So you want to become a freelance writer? This is something that many people are thinking about at this very second. But before you decide that this is the career for you, make sure you think long and hard about what you are doing. Remember, a career as a freelance writer sounds like a lot of fun right now but things do not always stay this way. In other words, there are good times and bad – just like any career.

I am not trying to talk anybody out of following their dream. What I am trying to do is show you that there are pros and cons of working as a freelancer. This is true no matter if you are a freelance writer, a freelance web designer, a freelance coder, etc.

One of the best ways to decide if a career as a freelance writer is a good choice is to go at it part-time to start. Keep your current job, even if you do not like it, and work on the side as a freelance writer. Give yourself at least two hours per day, five days per week for a month or so. At the end of this you can look back and see where you stand. Did you enjoy your time as a freelance writer even though you were only working a few hours per day? Do you see solid income potential? You have to be honest with yourself when assessing the past. This is the only way you can make the right decision for the future.

When I decided to become a full-time freelance writer most people told me that it was a bad idea. They did not believe in the income that was available, or that it was possible to catch on quickly. After a couple of months I proved them wrong. You don’t want to let outside sources dictate whether or not you become a freelance writer. This is a decision you have to make on your own. Of course, there is nothing wrong with listening to others and taking their opinion for what it is worth.

If you are sure you want to become a freelance writer you should stop thinking about it and go for the gusto. Soon enough you will find out if you made the right decision.

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