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Are you sure you want to be a Freelance Writer

I talk a lot about the benefits of becoming a freelance writer. You have the freedom to do what you want, you don’t have to answer to an annoying boss, and you have the ability to control your income. That being said, you are sure to hear the question “are you sure you want to be a freelance writer” time after time.

This is something that I dealt with quite a bit when I started my career. Many people thought it was a mistake. During that time one thing I found was that many people don’t understand the opportunity that is available. In other words, those who are asking the questions are not aware that you can earn $10k/month or more as a writer.

Here are three potential downfalls of becoming a freelance writer. These are sure to lead to many questions from friends and family as you start your career:

1. It takes a lot of hard work. When you are hired for a more traditional job you know you will be working hard, but at the same time you also know you are going to get paid no matter what. This is not the case when you become a freelance writer. Instead, you will be facing an uphill battle that will not yield any compensation until you get your footing. Do you have what it takes to work hard?

2. Are you willing to deal with the naysayers? In my opinion, this can be one of the most difficult parts of becoming a freelance writer. You will probably have to deal with people close to you questioning your career choice. If you stick to your guns the naysayers will realize soon enough that you did the right thing. Unfortunately, many aspiring freelance writers give up too soon due to outsiders telling them they made the wrong decision.

3. Not as much stability as a traditional job. This is a common worry, but one that I look at in another way. You may be giving up the stability of a “guaranteed” paycheck, but remember one thing: your employer can lay you off at any time. But when you work as a freelance writer you control your career.

If you are not worried about the potential downfalls listed above, you won’t have any major problems transitioning into a career as a freelance writer. 

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