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Are you making yourself Available to Clients?

Over the past few years, I have seen a sizeable shift in the number of clients that are interested in communicating with me on a regular basis. While this is not always the case, more and more of them seem to be staying in touch via email, phone, and instant messenger.

Personally, I like when my clients stay in touch. This keeps me on the ball and makes it easier for me to ask questions as they arise. However, many freelance writers shy away from this sort of regular contact. Instead, they simply want to receive their assignment, complete the work, and turn it over to the client before the deadline.

It is essential that you make yourself available to clients at all times. I have tricks for making this simple:

- Make sure every client has your phone number

- Answer each and every email as quickly as possible

- Take advantage of an instant messaging program

If you keep these tips in mind, you will find that you are more available than ever before. And of course, this is something that your clients will appreciate.

You never know why one of your clients will want to get in touch. This could range from changing project specs to assigning new work to asking you a basic question. The only thing that truly matters is that you are ready to provide a high level of service.

When you look at the current state of your freelance writing career, do you feel that you are making yourself available to clients? Or are you too difficult to get ahold of?

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