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Are you holding yourself back?

Many freelance writers who are not achieving success blame this on outside sources such as a bad economy, lack of good clients, too much competition, etc. And while some of these “excuses” may hold true, it is important to remember one other thing: you may be holding yourself back. You could be the reason that your freelance writing career is not taking off as you had expected.

How can I possibly be holding myself back? For one, you are making too many excuses. If you are constantly looking for a reason to fail you are going to find it time after time. This is the easy way out, and is entirely too common amongst freelance writers. If you want to achieve a high level of success you need to write down your goals, and then work towards them everyday. If something gets in your way you have two options: you can go through it, or you can stop and use it as an excuse. Choosing the latter is only going to slow down your progress, and may even put your career on thin ice sooner rather than later.

Other freelance writers hold themselves back because they are afraid to succeed. This may sound silly, but it is true. They have never had success in this area before, and are worried that it could be too much for them to handle. It is fun and profitable to advance your freelance writing career. Yes, it can be scary because you will have a lot on your plate and many people will be relying on you. But at the same time this is exactly what you want. Don’t hold yourself back when success is knocking on the door.

If you feel that outside sources are holding you back you may want to think again. Look within first to make sure you are not the culprit. You may find that a few simple changes to your career, including your mindset, can help you achieve more success.

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