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Are you Happy with your Freelance Writing Career?

I have found it to be weird, but as of late more and more people have been emailing me saying they are unhappy with the direction that their freelance writing career is headed. This is not something that I have ever personally dealt with. I love my career, and have felt this way for many years.

Why are so many people unhappy with their freelance writing career? Here are three common themes that I have been hearing over and over again:

1. I am not making enough money. This is an obvious reason for being unhappy with your freelance writing career. That being said, you should not let your income totally dictate the way you feel about your job. To combat this, set income goals. Once you have these goals in place you can then work diligently to reach them. When you are chasing income related goals it becomes easier to stay on track without getting distracted by miniscule details.

2. My clients are difficult to deal with. While this is common it should not be something that drags you down. As a freelance writer you have the right to work with whoever you want. If a client isn’t treating you right you are allowed to break off the relationship without giving an excuse. If difficult clients are making you miserable you can solve this problem easily enough.

3. I don’t know where to go next. Just like any career you may hit a wall. This doesn’t mean that you are not having success; just that you don’t know what you want to accomplish in the future. Again, this is when you should set goals so you have something to work towards. Your goals can be based around income, new clients, new personal projects, etc. Put something out there that you will have fun chasing.

Are you one of those people who are not happy with their freelance writing career? If so, one of the above themes may sound all too familiar. Use my advice to beat the doldrums and become happy with your freelance writing career once again. 

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