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Are you Comfortable with your Online Income?

The majority of people who start their own business have a couple of things in mind. First off, they want to branch out on their own so they can quit working long hours for somebody else’s good. And of course, they are interested in making money. With that being said, there is one very important question to answer: are you comfortable with your online income?

As a freelance writer, my income fluctuates each month. But as you can imagine, this is something that every self-employed individual has to deal with. I do not mind a fluctuating income, and in most cases, it helps me to work harder in the future. But all in all, I am positive that I will never become comfortable with the money that I make online.

After my post earlier this month about making $5,000 in July through freelance writing, I received many emails asking me how I did this, if anybody can get started, and if I am happy with this income. While I knew the answers to the first two questions, I stumbled on whether or not this income makes me happy. If you are asking if it pays the bills, the answer is yes. But I know that there is much more money to be had.

I think that internet entrepreneurs are a special breed. Even if you are making tens of thousands of dollars each month, it is safe to say that you will want to increase this income in the near future. There is something about making money online that pushes people to want more and more. Some see this as selfish, but I see it as a great way to motivate. After all, money is the biggest motivator in the world!

Overall, I don’t believe that anybody should ever get comfortable with the money that they are making online. If you do, you will stop working towards reaching future goals. And when this happens, not only do you lose the chance to make more money, but you may also find out that you are earning less. If you are always pushing forward, there is no reason that you should be looking back!

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5 Comments »Internet Entrepreneurs, Self-employedAugust 23rd, 2007

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