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Are you Afraid to Start a Freelance Writing Career?

Every so often I like to add a post about starting a successful freelance writing career. The reason for this is simple: a few times per week I receive an email from an aspiring writer telling me that they are afraid to branch out and start their freelance career. This is a common fear, and one that holds many people back from chasing what they want.

If you are afraid to start a freelance writing career you should consider the details below:

1. What is holding you back? What is causing your fear? These are the questions you need to answer before you do anything else. Some people are feeling afraid because they don’t want to leave the “comfort and security” of their day job. Others are worried that they won’t make it, and will end up living on the street. No matter what you need to know what is causing your fear so you can face it and move on.

2. Learn what you can do to not only get past your fear, but to do so in a manner that will make you more confident. For instance, if you are afraid of leaving your current job you should consider the fact that it may not be as secure as you think. The number one reason that people don’t go into a career as a freelancer is that they think this job is not secure. But guess what? When you are working for yourself you will have more security than you ever will when you work for somebody else. As a self-employed professional you are in charge, you put your trust in your own hands.

3. Make a list of the benefits of starting a freelance writing career. I find it peculiar that some aspiring freelancers dwell on the potential negatives, but never take the time to consider the positives. Once you realize the pros and cons you will see just what this type of career offers.

These three details should help you face and conquer your fears. If you truly want to become a freelance writer nothing should hold you back. No matter how scared you are, you should find a way to move on and eventually get what you want. 

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