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Adding Google AdSense to ChrisBlogging

For the second month in a row, posting my freelance writing income stats has resulted in an increased number of emails in my inbox. This time around, after only a day, several readers have asked why I do not attempt to monetize this blog. As I have mentioned in the past, monetization is important to me, but not until I reach certain traffic levels.

Now that I have built a solid readership, surpassed my traffic goals, and have the okay of my readers, I think it may be time to add some Google AdSense blocks. For the most part, when I decide to do this it will be more or less an experiment. There are two things that I will be looking for.

1. How much money can I make with Google AdSense? Is it really worth adding, or will it do nothing more than make me a few pennies every day?

2. My readers are important to me, and although they are known as “traffic stats” they mean more to me than that. Will Google AdSense affect my reader base either negatively or positively? This is what I will really be keeping my eye on.

With no technical skills, adding Google AdSense to this blog is not going to be easy for me. In fact, it will be a trial and error process. While I do have other blogs that use this advertising program, I have always paid others to help me out with adding the code, etc. But on this blog, my goal is to learn this kind of stuff on my own. So bear with me if there are some changes along the way that are not as they should be!

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