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I am not one to keep an extremely close eye on who is linking to this blog, but I found it interesting that recently mentioned ChrisBlogging. More specifically, the freelance writing section of was where the link appeared.

Why would the freelance writing author for write about this blog? From what I can see, it has a lot to do with me releasing my income data. The story where ChrisBlogging was mentioned was titled, “Can I Really Make Money Freelancing?”

Hopefully, this link will do a couple of things for me. First off, I am hoping it will bring more traffic. I have already noticed this happening, so I am confident that it will continue for the time being. Additionally, since this page on has a PR of 6, it may help me out as far as search engine traffic, as well as my own PR is concerned. This link is by far my best to date; and I didn’t even have to ask for it!

For now, I am going to contact Allena Tapia, the freelance writing author at Simply put, I want to thank her for including my blog in her recent story, and of course, offer my help whenever possible.

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14 Comments »Freelance WritingOctober 3rd, 2007

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