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About.Com Link: How it has helped

Just about 15 days ago I wrote a post detailing the link that I received from the freelance writing section of You are probably wondering what this has done for this blog, right? Even though I have not kept extremely close tabs on the results, I have noticed several benefits related to receiving this link.

First and foremost, I have received just about 200 visits from since being linked to. This is not a huge traffic referrer, but obviously it is better than nothing; after all, it woks out to just about 13 visitors a day.

I am not quite sure if the link has anything to do with the increase in my RSS readership, but I would say that it didn’t hurt. My current number of subscribers is ranging anywhere from 55 to 65. In late September, this number was closer to 40. Even though this is far from where I want to be, an increase of this percentage is always a good thing; no matter if it was related to the incoming link or not.

Unfortunately, getting a top level link from a site like is not easy to do. I got lucky that the freelance writing guru for them decided that my freelance writing income was worth talking about. Hopefully as this blog continues to grow, more and more links from top of the line blogs and sites will begin to roll in. And if I am really lucky, may include me in future stories!

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