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A Missed Deadline can Cost you a Client

As a freelance writer you have a lot of responsibility. Not only do you need to do what is best for your career, but you have to keep your clients happy at all times as well. If you have several clients, and you probably do, you know that juggling them can be difficult. That being said, you have to find a way to please everybody know matter what circumstances you face. One sure fire way to lose a client is to miss a deadline.

When you miss a deadline you are doing two things. First off, you are putting the client in a very bad position. They set the deadline for a reason, and will probably have to make some changes now that you did not come through for them. Secondly, you are harming your career. If you are not serious about meeting every deadline it is safe to say that your career as a freelance writer will be short lived. This is something that you have to take great pride in. If you say a project will be done by the deadline you need to stick to your word and make sure this happens.

Will a missed deadline always result in losing the client? A lot of it depends on your relationship. Have you worked with the client in the past? Do they trust that you simply made a mistake and that this will never happen again? Some clients will cut you slack. Others will part ways the second that you miss a deadline.

A missed deadline may not always cost you a client, but that doesn’t mean you should be tempted to take the risk. This is your career, and you need to make sure that meeting every deadline is one of your top priorities. 

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