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Freelance Writing: A Low Cost Career for everyone?

The best reason to get involved with freelance writing is because you enjoy writing and want to venture out on your own. But this is not the only reason that people look into this career path. Over the past few weeks I have come across many blog posts and articles stating that it is a good idea to become a freelance writer because of the low costs involved with getting started. While it is true that you can become a freelance writer without spending a lot of money, if this career is not something that excites you it will be difficult to achieve success.

I am not arguing that you can become a freelance writer on the cheap. In fact, you may be able to start your career by spending only a few dollars. If you already have a computer and internet connection you pretty much have what you need to get started. The only other expenses you may want to consider are office supplies, marketing material, and quite possibly your own website. But even then you can get all of this for less than $100.

The problem comes into play with people who decide to get into freelance writing solely because of the low cost of entry. Cost of getting started is an important factor, but far from the only one. You only want to get involved if you truly love writing, and of course, if you have the skills to offer clients what they are looking for. In other words, it would not be worth your time to look into this career if you don’t have any writing skills and have no desire to learn; even if you can get started for cheap.

All in all, you can become a freelance writer without spending a lot of money. To go along with this your regular expenses are not going to be that high either. Just make sure you want to become a freelance writer because you enjoy this line of work, not because you can get started without a large investment.  

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