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A few of my Favorite Blogs

When I have spare time I always try to read as much as possible, both online and off. There are many blogs out there, but not all of them suit my needs in terms of style, content, etc. That being said, there are a few that I try to visit on a regular basis.

If interested, check out the three blogs detailed below. They are among my favorites, and will definitely help you as a freelance writer, internet entrepreneur, etc.

All Freelance Writing

When it comes to freelance writing blogs, I never miss a post at All Freelance Writing. Jenn knows her stuff, and provides top notch information day in and day out. In addition to posts that will help you as a freelance writer, she also lists available jobs. This is the perfect blog for both beginners and established freelance writers.

Internet Business Blog

As far as new blogs are concerned, this is one of my favorites. Wes has been a friend of mine for a few years now. We first met when I completed a few projects for him when I was starting out, and have been staying in touch ever since. If you are interested in information on starting an online business and effective marketing, you don’t want to pass up his blog. 

Tyler Cruz

As you know, there are tons of make money online blogs. Some of them are helpful, and some of them are a waste of time. Tyler’s blog is definitely one that can help you get started. He focuses on everything from affiliate marketing to any other topic that fits into the make money online mold.

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