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Join my Freelance Writing Course – Get Ready for 2012

As November comes to an end and we enter the last month of 2011, it is important that you begin to think about the new year. What goals have you set for yourself as a freelance writer? How are you going to achieve these goals?

Last year, I had a record number of students join my freelance writing course during the months of November and December. The reason for this was simple: these people wanted to get off on the right foot when the new year finally came around.

At this time, there are three available spots. If you want to join me, as well as 20+ other students in working towards your goals in early 2012, contact me as soon as possible. As always, I don’t expect these openings to last much longer than a day – if that.

Even if you don’t come onboard, remember to start planning for 2012 today. It will be here before you know it!

Comments OffFreelance WritingNovember 17th, 2011

Are you going to miss a Deadline? Has it come and gone?

As a freelance writer, most of your life is built around deadlines. One project is due today, another is due tomorrow, and a third one isn’t due until next month. Keeping all of this straight can be a pretty big task in its own right.

Like every writer, I do my best to meet every deadline – no matter how tight it may be. However, there may come a time when you overlook a deadline for one reason or the next. If this happens, follow these three tips:

1. Contact the client as soon as possible, making them aware of your situation. Chances are that if you miss a deadline altogether that the client is going to follow-up with you. Regardless, it is important that you stay in touch with the client. You don’t want to give the impression that you are being lazy or putting them off.

2. Offer to get the work done as soon as possible. If you miss a deadline, you should push the project to the top of your to-do list.

3. Go above and beyond. For example, you may offer a discount on the completed piece. Or maybe you can offer to write another article for free. This is not something you want to do but it can go a long way in keeping the relationship in good standing.

No matter if you know you are going to miss a deadline or it has come and gone, the above tips can help you smooth things over.

1 Comment »Freelance WritingNovember 4th, 2011

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