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How to Find Freelance Writing Gigs Online

I am the type of freelance writer who likes to drum up new business through query letters, cold calls, cold emails, and networking. But this doesn’t mean you have to follow the same plan.

Every week I get 10+ emails asking which websites are best for finding freelance writing gigs. In other words, they want to know where businesses and webmasters go to find writers.

Best Freelance Writing Job Websites

3. (believe it or not)

Are there other sites to search for freelance writing gigs? Of course. But if you are interested in volume and quality, these are three of the best.

Check out these sites regularly. You never know what type of work you will find!

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Past Freelance Writing Posts

This past week I spent some time “cleaning up” From fixing broken links to answering emails, I wanted to make sure that everything was up to par. During this process I came across several past posts that are worth revisiting:

1. Common Freelance Writing Mistakes: Are you Guilty?

2. What to do when a Client changes Direction

3. Freelance Writing Queries: How to sell yourself

4. How to Rate a Freelance Writing Client

5. Face your Freelance Writing Fears

Do you have any questions on these freelance writing blog posts? If so, shoot me an email and I will do my best to help. These posts may be older, but the advice and information can still be used today!

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Freelance Writing Course: What you can learn from me

For the past few months, dating back to 2010, my freelance writing course has been pretty full. The reason for this is simple: more and more members are staying onboard for an extended period of time.

Most new members email me a few questions before signing up. The most common is: what can I learn from you?

Here is a portion of one of the first emails I send to new members:

Monday – Let’s Talk Money
Tuesday – Expand your Offerings
Wednesday – Find New Work/Clients
Thursday – Show me Samples
Friday – The Business Side of Things

By focusing on a particular subject everyday it is easy for me, as well as all my students, to stay on track. For example, every Thursday I request samples of recently completed work. From there, we discuss the project, including all the details, to ensure that everything is perfect and ready for delivery.

Are you ready to get involved? I only have one spot open at this time, and it probably won’t last for more than a day. To take this spot, shoot me an email!

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