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SEO Results – Guaranteed

From time to time I like to touch on subjects that are not directly related to freelance writing. Although I spend a large portion of my day writing for clients, I also have my own projects, such as this blog, that take up a lot of time.

As you probably know, if you want your website or blog to succeed and generate income you need to rank high for key terms related to your topic. For example, ranks on page one in Google for the competitive term “freelance writing.” Along with this, I get traffic every month from hundreds upon hundreds of long tail keywords.

If you are anything like me you probably face this issue: you are a solid writer, but when it comes to SEO you don’t know the first thing about getting started. Over the years I have learned a bit about search engine optimization, and it has helped me rank some sites, including this one, very high. That being said, this is far from my specialty.

Enter I have been using this SEO service for several months in an attempt to rank many of my niche blogs. Not only are the people behind the service professional, but everything they do leads to big time results.

For $197 (which is quite cheap by industry standards) you will receive 116 high quality, high page rank links from web 2.0 sites, blogs, and article directories. This mix has worked well for me in the past, and I am confident it will do the same well into the future.

Best of all, guarantees that their service will work. In short, this means you have nothing to lose. Once you place your order and submit your URL and keyword your dedicated account manager will get to work on your package. If you don’t see an increase in your keyword ranking after 60 days you will receive a full refund.

I have seen results within 5 to 7 days, although it often times takes 14 to 28 to really see a shift in rankings.

I have had a lot of success working with on a monthly basis. While I focus on my writing career they focus on helping me make money with my niche blogs.

At the very least, give a try for one month. You won’t be disappointed with the results. And as always, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email!

Comments OffSEOJanuary 27th, 2011

What do you want?

Over the past year I have received hundreds of emails from satisfied readers. They love the basic tips that I offer, as well as the way the information is presented. But of course, I always want to deliver more to each and every one of you.

With 2011 in full swing I am going to spend some time focusing on this blog. While I have some ideas on what I want to do over the next few months, any feedback from you, the reader, would be greatly appreciated.

Do you want more tips on how to get started? Detailed posts on finding new gigs? Would you like to see me offer something else?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment or sending me an email. Either way, I hope to implement your feedback throughout 2011 and beyond.

Comments OffUncategorizedJanuary 20th, 2011

Freelance Writing in the New Year

It is already January 10th! How is your freelance writing coming along in the new year? If you are anything like me, things have been quite busy over the first 10 days of 2011. Fortunately, being busy as a freelance writer is always a good thing.

Although 2011 is already here and moving along, there is still time to get organized for the months to come.

To get started, check out these posts from December:

Ways to Prepare for the New Year Today
Chris, I need to earn more Money
Three Tasks to Complete this December

Over the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of speaking with many freelancers who said the advice from the posts above really got them in the right frame of mind for the new year. You may be a little bit behind at this point, but there is still time to catch-up.

I have big plans for over the next 12 months. In addition to providing content for beginners and advanced writers, I have some new features to introduce within my freelance writing course.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the direction of the blog and what you want me to discuss in 2011. Feel free to contact me today with suggestions, comments, and questions.

1 Comment »Freelance WritingJanuary 10th, 2011

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