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Comparing Freelance Writing to a 9 to 5

Have you ever taken the time to compare a freelance writing career to a 9 to 5? If your answer is yes, there is a good chance that you are well aware of the pros and cons of both jobs. If no, you may not realize that a career in freelance writing has so much to offer.

There are many details to compare. Where you start is up to you. Some people first take a look at how much money they can make. With a career in freelance writing you are in charge of your own income and how much you bring in. That being said, there is no guarantee of what you will earn. With most 9 to 5 jobs you are given a set rate of pay, and you have to wait for a raise if you want to earn more. That being said, you may have a bit more security.

Don’t forget about the freedom factor. When you work for yourself you get to call the shots and work when you want. With a 9 to 5 you are at the mercy of your employer from the first minute you arrive at your office until you clock out. Are you willing to give away your freedom? If you decide to work as a freelance writer you do not have to.

There are other details to consider as well. Where will you get your benefits if you decide to become a freelance writer? You have to pay for everything from health insurance to life insurance and much more. What about the fact that most 9 to 5 jobs don’t offer much in terms of potential for advancement? If you want to move onto bigger and better things, you may have to take control of your career and quit relying on a single employer.

When comparing a freelance writing career to a 9 to 5 it is easy to see the pros and cons of both. The big question is: which option wins out in your mind?

2 Comments »Freelance WritingJune 30th, 2009

What is holding up your Full-time Freelance Writing Career?

Moving into a full-time freelance writing position should be an exciting time. Unfortunately, many people never make it this far. For many reasons they get stuck working part-time, or worse yet, giving up on their career altogether. If something is holding you back from becoming a full-time freelance writer it is time to make the necessary changes.

One of the most common holdups is fear. Are you afraid to leave the comfort of your nine to five job? Are you scared that you may not earn enough money to stay afloat? These are all common concerns. Fear is definitely something you will face if you are interested in becoming a full-time freelance writer. But remember, this can also be a great motivator at the same time.

Are you ready? Some people do not feel that they are ready to become a full-time freelance writer. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way. Remember, you should be 100 percent comfortable with this career decision. If you are apprehensive for any reason, you may be better off sticking with a part-time career for the time being.

You should never listen to other people who tell you that becoming a full-time freelance writer is a bad idea. Trust me, there are going to be doubters. They may even be people who are close to you. Even though you want to hear them out, it is you who has to make the final decision on whether or not to follow this career path. You don’t want anybody else making the decision for you.

So what is holding you back? Once you pinpoint the problem you can decide where to go next. There is a good chance that the detail holding you back is one you can easily overcome.  

2 Comments »Freelance WritingJune 29th, 2009

Quick Reasons why I love being a Freelance Writer

Every so often somebody asks me why I love being a freelance writer. This is something I try to talk about from time to time on my blog. My reasons for being a freelance writer are probably different than yours. Below are three quick reasons why I love my career. Maybe you will agree with a few of these points.

1. Freedom. When you work as a freelance writer you do not have to take orders. This means you have the freedom to call your own shots on everything from when to work to how many hours you put in to which projects you take on, and much more. There is a downside to so much freedom, but it cannot outweigh the benefits.

2. I love to write. This is something that many aspiring freelance writers forget about. If you do not love to write, your career as a freelancer will probably dissolve sooner rather than later. Don’t get started with a career as a freelance writer unless you really love to write.

3. Earning potential. What sense does it make to work a nine to five job in which your earning potential is capped? To me, this is silly. As a freelance writer you are never told by anybody how much money you can earn. Working hard and landing the right clients will allow you to increase your earnings. Simply put, you never hit a wall as a freelance writer. If you want to make more money, go get it!

Many of you may agree with these reasons. Some of you may have other reasons for wanting to be a freelance writer. The great thing is that we do not have to be on the same page. As long as you love your career you don’t have anything to worry about. 

Comments OffFreelance WritingJune 26th, 2009

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