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Offer to Talk to Potential Clients on the Phone

Are you having a difficult time closing deals? In other words, you get close to landing a new client just to have them go with somebody else. This is a common problem that many freelance writers face. Fortunately, there are ways around this if you know what you are doing. One of the best ways to close a deal is to offer to speak with the client on the phone. There are many reasons why this works:

1. When you are willing to speak with a potential client on the phone it shows that you are truly interested in the job. By showing that you care before you land the gig the client will feel good about working with you into the future. Do your best to get a potential client on the phone so you can show them just how much you want to get started.

2. You can sell yourself. One of the biggest benefits of a phone conversation is that you can sell your services. With an email you only get one chance, and you can only say so much. But during a phone conversation you can really sell yourself. You can tell the client all about your experience, while also giving details on how you can help them succeed.

3. You show that you are competent. As you know, anybody can say that they are a high quality freelance writer. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people getting scammed because of this. When you speak with a potential client on the phone you can prove that you know what you are talking about, and that you are the perfect person for the job.

Even if you are nervous about talking to potential clients on the phone you should still do so. Once you have a few conversations this will feel like second nature. Believe it or not, phone conversations can go a long way in helping you land new clients on a regular basis. 

3 Comments »Freelance WritingApril 30th, 2009

It is Important to Balance Work and Breaks

I strongly believe in taking breaks throughout the day. There used to be a time when I didn’t do this and soon enough I was burning out mentally and my wrists and arms were in pain. Since striking a balance between work and breaks my efficiency has skyrocketed. Not to mention the fact that my body feels better than ever as well.

Even though it may sound silly, you can cause great bodily harm if you do not take breaks throughout the day. When I was working hour after hour without a break my wrists, fingers, and elbows began to ache way more than usual. In fact, it got so bad at one point that I had to take a day off to regroup. As a freelance writer you need your hands and arms to be in good working condition at all times. After all, if you cannot type you are going to have a hard time becoming a success in this field.

Of course, breaks are good for your mind as well. There are times when I have to get away from my desk because my mind is racing with thoughts. If you are feeling bogged down and anxiety is closing in on you, the best thing you can do is take a break. Even though you may feel like you are wasting time, when you finally get back to work you will feel like a new man.

There is no denying that you need to work as much as you can during the day. I try to work eight hour days. Sometimes I work more, sometimes I work less, but this is what I strive for. To stay balanced I take several breaks including a longer one for lunch.

As you can see, it is very important to take enough breaks during the day to keep your body and mind fresh. Are you striking a good balance? Or do you need to make a change in this area of your career?

2 Comments »Freelance WritingApril 29th, 2009

Three ways to get behind on your Work

I am the type of freelance writer who always likes to be on top of things. I do my best to stay ahead of the game at all times, no matter what it takes. If I get behind on my work it begins to take its toll on me, and soon enough I will find myself working long hours to catch up. Do you ever find yourself falling behind? How does this make you feel?

There are many ways to get behind on your work, and all of them should be avoided. Here are three of the most common mistakes that can eventually put you behind the eight ball:

1. Taking off too much time. If you are constantly taking days off and skipping out early you are going to find yourself falling behind soon enough. This doesn’t mean that you have to work seven days a week, but you definitely need to be careful about how much time you are spending away from your desk. If I am going to take a day off I do my best to plan for it.

2. Do you spend a lot of time everyday checking email and browsing the internet? This is one of the easiest ways to get behind. The internet is one of the biggest time wasters on the face of the earth. There is nothing wrong with browsing online and checking your email during breaks throughout the day. But you do not want to let this take over your career. If you do, you will find that you are not working as efficiently as you could be. 

3. If you take on more than you can handle you are going to fall behind in one area or the next. There are only 24 hours in a day, and it is safe to say that you do not want to work all of them. For this reason you need to be careful that you do not bite off more than you can chew. It is nice to have a lot of work on your table, but only if you can handle all of it.

These are three common ways to fall behind on your work. Are you confident that you can avoid these blunders?

2 Comments »Freelance WritingApril 28th, 2009

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