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Three Blogs to Read

Time and time again I have talked about reading others blogs. Not only will this teach you a lot, but you can also get some great ideas of your own by doing this. With that being said, I wanted to write a short post about three blogs that I frequent on a regular basis.

1. – No matter what, I never miss a post by John Chow. I may make some money through my blogs, but not nearly as much as he does. If you are interested in making money online, John Chow is your guy!

2. – If you want to learn about blogging, this is the place to be. Darren Rowse is the master when it comes to making money with blogs, teaching others to succeed, and much more. The posts on this blog will keep you busy for months on end.

3. – Although this blog is not as popular as the two listed above, it may very well be my favorite. This blog is written in a down to earth style, and the posts are easy to associate with your own ventures.

If you are not reading these three blogs, bookmark them today!

3 Comments »BloggingJune 30th, 2007

Dealing with Angry Clients: Update

Do you remember my post a couple days back on dealing with angry clients? If not, check out I wanted to give everybody an update on how things worked out.

As I mentioned at the end of the last post, I was waiting for a response from the client. When I finally got one, I was not surprised that he was as ignorant as ever. The main problem he was having was that the content was not “what he envisioned.” Whereas this is a valid concern, my point was that I wrote the content based on the initial instructions that I was given. After all, what more could I do? Just like every client, I ask for what they want, clarify any concerns, and then get started.

Of course, I let him know that I was only doing what he asked. To this he replied that it was not good enough, and that he wanted a near full refund. Although I was not happy with this, I did offer a compromise for a slightly lower refund amount. This led to another tirade, and of course, a resolution dispute being filed with PayPal.

Being that it was only a couple hundred bucks, I decided to give in and offer the refund that he asked for. Did I want to do this? Absolutely not! In fact, I would have loved to let PayPal resolve the problem because I am confident that I would have won, hands down. But with the end of the month closing in, I did not want to make any waves that would hold me back from transferring funds to my business account.

As you can see, when dealing with angry clients you can often times end up on the wrong end of things. This is unfortunate, because in my case, there was no reason for profane emails or PayPal resolutions. If the other party would have been professional, we surely could have worked something out. But just like anything else in business, I learned a lot from this experience. And I guess that is better than nothing!

Comments OffFreelance WritingJune 29th, 2007

Getting Started with PayPerPost

As I have mentioned before, Chrisblogging is my newest blog. At this time I have made about 30 posts, and traffic is building nicely. This blog is far from what I want it to be, but for now, progress is steady.

After a bit of contemplating, I have decided to sign up with PayPerPost. If you are unfamiliar with this service, it is not hard to understand. Generally speaking, PayPerPost pays bloggers to make posts that advertisers have ordered. While many think that this is unethical, I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with it. The way that I see things, PayPerPost is offering something beneficial for both parties. Bloggers have the chance to monetize their site, and advertisers can pay to get the word out about their company, etc. To me, it looks beneficial to everybody involved; even PayPerPost, which takes a portion of the profits.

PayPerPost outlines the sign up process in four simple steps. And after completing these, I agree that they are quite simple.

1. Sign up as a blogger
2. Submit your blog so that PayPerPost can approve it based on their requirements
3. Find and complete opportunities to the advertiser’s specifications
4. Receive your payment via PayPal. I have yet to experience this!

The sign up process is quite simple. PayPerPost asked for my first and last name, birthday, and email address. I also had to create a user name and password.

After following the confirm link that was sent to my email address, I was ready to go. This brought me to my “dashboard” of sorts. The last step that I took was to register Chrisblogging; I am still waiting on approval.

After I get the go ahead, I will let everyone know how I am going to proceed!

1 Comment »Blogging, PayPerPostJune 28th, 2007

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