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Increase your Income by Expanding into Additional Subject Areas

Are you looking for a way to increase your freelance writing income? If so, you are in the same boat as the majority of writers. After all, more money is always a good thing.

There may come a time when you hit a wall. There may come a time when you find yourself struggling to increase your income on a monthly basis. In this case, you should consider expanding into additional subject areas.

You may have a niche or two that you enjoy more than others, but you should seriously consider adding more to your repertoire.

Did you know there are many industries in need of experts like yourself? For example, gambling sites are always looking for fresh content. Even if you don’t know the first thing about slots, poker, and other casino games, you can learn. Over time, you may find this to be right up your alley.

As you search for new subject areas, consider what you already know as well as what you enjoy doing in your spare time. Some people enjoy gambling, so they write about it. Others enjoy sports, so finding clients in this niche makes good sense. The more ideas you consider the more you will find yourself expanding your reach.

Increasing your freelance writing income may sound like a challenge, but if you take the right approach you will find yourself in position to do so. It may not be easy and it may not be fast, however, you will find yourself reaching your goals soon enough if you create a successful strategy.

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Comments OffFreelance WritingNovember 13th, 2013

Website Review from a Design Point of View

Online casinos have become quite popular in recent years. Gamers at home have found it much more convenient to simply play from home without having to travel or observe restrictive land based casino hours. They also found it much less daunting to learn to play table games given the anonymity provided by the internet.

A lot of thought and planning goes into building these online casino sites to maximize the playing experience for members. For internet businesses like online casinos, their home page is their virtual storefront window. The manner in which they design this can have a significant impact on their membership. The best sites are ones that make the best use of their space. One way many do this is make it very clear as to what advantages can be secured by joining a casino UK site. This comes in the form of bonuses and promotions.

Many sites will have large splash banners on their homepage advertising their current promotion. This is important because some players shop for the best bonuses when choosing an online casino. By having this information placed so prominently, prospective customers can find it easily. If the information is too hard to discover, many will simply move on after a certain amount of time has passed.

Another important piece of information for some is whether or not the online casino also has a mobile version. More and more people today also want to enjoy gambling on their mobile devices. The sites that accommodate this will often have a prominent link on their home page guiding users to this version of the site. If it is not easily visible, some may assume that the online casino site doesn’t support mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is an important attribute that should be enhanced to draw attention to it.

As you can see, a well designed website has a better chance of converting visitors.

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Comments OffGeneralNovember 10th, 2013

Three easy ways to make extra money using technology

This is a guest post

Because technology is forever evolving, the need to keep up to date with the specs of the latest releases can become very addictive. I of all people know this and my wife will also vouch for this.

The more technology is used, the quicker it seems the latest technology comes out. Take mobile phones as a prime example. Back in the early days, the average person would upgrade periodically. Phones went from monochrome to full colour, from keys to touch-screen. In the old days, a new phone meant drastic changes and improvements. Now you can update your new phone in a matter of months, in fact if you want to keep ahead of the game you need to.

There are downsides to this, it can get very expensive and it can also cause friction within a relationship.

So whilst the world of technology is alluring it is important that the financial cost of it all does not put too much of a strain on your other financial commitments. Bills, rent, mortgages, tax, rates and all sorts of other things must be paid for and it is vital that your tech addiction does not have a negative financial impact on any relationships you have, as I briefly mentioned.

1 – Surveys.

Public opinions are the driving force behind every product and the companies who make these products want to know what you think so they can make their products more appealing. These companies are so keen on getting opinions that they pay agencies to carry out surveys on their behalf for money. The pay might be relatively modest by most people’s standards but if you have a few spare hours here and there it is a great way earn a little extra spending money.

2 – Selling your old gadgets.

When you consider updating a given gizmo such as your mobile phone or whatever, look into the second hand value of the object you are replacing. It is possible to sell them privately but there are risks involved. If the said item you sold packed up two weeks later you might receive a rather grumpy phone call. The other downside is placing adverts here there and everywhere, giving your details to strangers and the risk of not finding a buyer at all. When I recently upgraded a television I decided to sell my laptop to offset the cost by going to a well-known reputable website. It was quick, hassle free and I didn’t even have to fork out for the post and packaging!

3. Blogs.

Blogs can be more than just a vehicle for showing the world how cute your cat looks playing with a ball of wool; they can make you money too. Google Adsense and affiliate programs mean you can generate some extra cash on the side too. If you have a talent for writing in an engaging and interesting manner this is certainly worth looking into.

I’m Felix Richards and I love technology and blogging about it. Whether you are looking for tips on selling your laptop, what the best smartphone is or something altogether more quirky – I’m your man.

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Comments OffGeneralApril 2nd, 2013

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